security measures -Covid 19

Vendig AB is following the serious Corona situation closely and has already taken precautionary measures to protect our customers and employees in the best possible way-

Our sales staff is at your disposal primarily via telephone and email. We maintain the necessary work in the warehouse. There may be some delivery delays depending on the current situation, this we ask for leniency with. Vendig AB will keep abreast of the situation on an ongoing basis and hope that together we can help reduce the risk of COVID 19 spread. This is due to recent developments in Sweden and the outside world. These security measures may be changed based on the Public Health Authority and other authorities' directives.

Vendig AB is concerned about the safety of those who work in our premises. Therefore, Vendig AB has introduced restrictions. Travel to risk areas according to the Public Health Authority is not allowed and other trips should be avoided. Employees who have been in the risk areas identified by the Public Health Authority must stay home from the office and work from home 14 days after their trip.

If an empoyee has a common cold, the affected person will stay at home, or work from home, to avoid the spread of infection.

Employees at Vendig AB will not, for the time beeing, participate in trade fairs, networking meetings and the like where larger crowds can be expected to gather. Employees at Vendig AB should avoid hand greetings during contacts. At physical meetings, it should be ensured that other people have not been in risk areas for the past 14 days.

Vendig AB is now closing down the production premises as far as possible for non-employees. Contact with others shall take place outside the premises if possible. Vendig AB shall, as far as possible, also ensure that equivalent guidelines exist with subcontractors, partners and customers with whom we come into contact with each other's premises. In cases where there are booked meetings with customers / suppliers, they should be redirected to telephone / videoconferencing and, if not possible, should be as secure as possible. Larger meeting should take place in our digital virtual meeting room.

Vendig AB's premises are equipped with more opportunities for disinfectants and soap to ensure a high hygiene factor.

The health of our employees and our customers is our top priority!

Thanks for your understanding!

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