Primary belt cleaner Sirius HM 9930
Pre-scraper Sirius HM 9930

Sirius HM primary belt cleaner 9930

Sirius HM pre-scraper with carbide edge

- a service friendly pre-scraper for heavy duty

Sirius HM pre-scraper 9930 is a belt cleaner made from polyurethane segments with an integrated carbide edge, fitted in a removable cassette. Sirius HM has a sturdy design for maximal funciton and durability in heavy applications with high demands on the cleanliness. Each segment is easy to remove for exchange or cleaning purpose. The segments snap into the aluminium profile easily or can be threaded into the profile sideways. The attachment of the scraper segment is unique and therefore patented.

Vendig’s unique spring lever ensures that the correct pressure is maintained against the belt which reduces maintenance and prolongs the lifespan of both the scraper and the conveyor belt. The spring lever simplifies service work and reduces maintenance time.

The pre-scraper is positioned against the drive pulley, immediately below the material flow.

Product table

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Art. No B-W No. of segments Scraper width Beam length Invite tenders/order
9934 400 4 400 1100
9935 500 5 500 1200
9936 650 6 600 1300
9938 800 7 700 1500
9940 1000 9 900 1700
9942 1200 11 1100 1900
9944 1400 13 1300 2100
9946 1600 15 1500 2300
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