Plog 8800-VF
Plog 8800-VF, when folded

Maxi-plough foldable 8800-VF

-a foldable plough that is easy to handle and fit.

The product is sturdy and reliable for heavy applications. It is foldable which makes it easier to handle before it is installed in the conveyor. Shipping costs are also lower when folded, making it an economical alternative.

Watch video about the plough on Youtube.

The plough prevents material on the
returning belt from entering between the return pulley and the belt. This reduces the risk of damage, i.e. holes developing in the conveyor belt, and wandering belts or mistracking.

The plough is assembled with a pipe, ø40mm, fixed in the conveyor frame. To facilitate the
assembly, Vendig can provide a pipe and a bracket separately as add-on items.

The scraper strips of polyurethane are easily replaced.

Product table

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Art. no. B-W Width L Invite tenders/order
8812-VF 1200 1330 675
8814-VF 1400 1530 775
8816-VF 1600 1725 875
8818-VF 1800 1920 975
8820-VF 2000 2120 1075
8821-VF 2200 2320 1170
8822-VF 2400 2520 1270
8823-VF 2600 2715 1370
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