– A belt weigher system consists of a belt weigher indicator, a weigh frame and a tachometer.

Belt Weigher Indicator OJ1436 It has a high-resolution touchscreen display and guides you through simple step by step routines for calibrations, tares and other tasks. A periodic data logging feature is provided to allow continuous storage of process data internally and/or to a USB flash drive. The Belt Weigher is optimized for smartTONNES®.. Belt Weigher Indicators connects with the loadcell fitted to the Belt Weigher Frame and the tachometer from which it generates a calibrated weight signal and belt speed. Using calibration and control data it continuously calculates the flow of material over the belt and the totalized quantity of material transferred. Read more about indicators at on OJ:s product site! OJ1436 contains an Ethernet-port, serial interface RS232/485, USB port, four relay outputs and two digital inputs as standard. There are also a variety of options such as Analogue Output and Network Connectivity options including Ethernet /IP, Profibus DP and Device Net. Tachometer G2-20 Tachometer G2-20 An NPN Inductive Proximity Switch reads the pulses in the laser-cut pulse-disc. With a high quality tachometeras ours, the Belt Weigher Indicator detects the smallest variation in the belt speed and can therefore provide a more accurate weighing. All our Belt Weigher Indicator are equipped with a built-in tachometer simulator, but we recommend using the tachometer G2-20, which is more stable and better adapted to a conveyor’s environment Belt weigher unit OJ’s belt Weigher Units comes in three models, which are customized for all needs. Every scale roller set is tailor made to fit each conveyor and replaces one or more of the existing roller sets. Down to 0.5% accuracy. All moving parts and fittings in stainless steel. Unit OJ1250 has a loadcell in aluminium, with accuracy class C3 and IP67. Unit OJ1330 has a loadcell in aluminium, with accuracy class C3 and IP67. Unit OJ3510 has a loadcell in stainless steel, with accuracy class C3 and IP68. Rollerdiameters are 108mm or 132mm. Surfaces are finished with electrolytic surface treatment as standard. For more indepth information, go to OJ:s web site here!

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