Vendig’s focus is to deliver affordable products with high quality and with the best level of service. Here you can read some Vendig customer credentials.

“- We have been testing Sirius Uno for a while now. Can you send 6 more?”

—Mining company in northern Sweden

“- With Sirius UNO there is no hassle, no tools are needed. It is easy to work with and if I compare it to other scrapers it does a better job. On our site, the material is wet, making it difficult to get the belt clean. But the UNO has worked beyond expectations, the cleaning is very good!”

— Daniel on XR Bergkross
Credentials: Anton Alvila, Jehander.

“- We think that Vendig delivers good quality at a good price. Wear parts and belt components with a long lifespan and simple solutions that can withstand high stresses are some of the most important factors in keeping costs down”

— Anton, Jehander

Credentials for smatTonnes

” – SmartTonnes is absolutely fantastic! Facilitates incredibly, is user-friendly and looks so professional to the customer when invoicing.  

We are completely satisfied!”

—Maria, Frölenkross

Credentials for smatTonnes

“- Using smartTONNES, I quickly get what I need to know about the status of our production in a smooth and reliable way. My colleagues and I can follow operations in a clear way and easily immerse in to detail. The simple handling and possibilities for transparancy towards the customer is something we at Krossekonomi appreciate .”

—Henrik, Krossekonomi
Credentials: Magnus Andersson at Swedish glas recycling is a a returning Vendig customer.

“- We have worked hard to find the right products that fit our production. Vendig’s staff is knowledgeable and has helped us find viable solutions. We don’t take shortcuts and want the right performance for the money we pay.”

— Magnus, Swedish glas recycling
Credentials LKAB

Credentials Ballast

Credentials Skanska

Credentials Krossekonomi

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