Most of Vendig’s polyurethane is produced in the yellow that is Vendig’s standard color. Sometimes Vendig’s products are needed in environments that require additives in the polyurethane in order for the product to last longer or to be approved for certain activities. That is when the polyurethane is given a different color. An example of this is the food scraper, which is white and approved for food production according to the FDA.

Material options for Vendig polyurethane are CR (chemical resistant), FOOD (FDA approved) and AS (Anti-static). See below which products can be obtained in which alternative materials other than those shown on the product pages. These products are available on quotation.

Chemical resistent polyurethane
CR- Chemical resistent polyurethane

CR or chemical resistant polyurethane is suitable for operations where the conveyed material weares down the regular polyurethane faster than friction alone makes possible. An example of this is sugar beet for sugar production.

Chemical resistent polyurethane is possible to obtain for the following products:

PUR for food production
FOOD- FDA approved polyurethane

FOOD is a FDA-approved polyurethane suitable for production where there are requirements according to food standards such as the FDA. At Vendig, this material is always used in the food scraper 8600.

FOOD polyurethane is possible to obtain for the following products:

An anti-static polyurethane
AS- Anti-static polyurethane

AS, Antistatic polyurethane is suitable for production where you want to avoid sparks caused by static electricity. This polyurethane has a surface resistance of approx. 7.6 x 108 Ohm and fits in certain ATEX certified environments.

Anti-static polyurethane is possible to obtain for the following products:

Vendigs gula polyuretan, vårt standard material.

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