Vendigs durable Prime Tracker

– A unique belt guide that also works in reversible operations.

No more misalignments, no more broken rolls! This is a belt guide is a roll that guides the conveyor belt back to the center when it starts to misalign. Even small deviations from the center line cost energy in the form of wear of rolls and other parts. Vendig Prime Tracker responds to the slightest deviation and immediately guides the belt back to the center. When the belt is centered, the belt guide rolls with the belt, without effecting the belt. Vendig Prime Tracker runs by the conveyor’s returning belt and shall always have full contact with the belt, therefore the steering force is high and the start friction low. Note that the belt also moves vertically when it is misaligning. Therefor Vendig Prime Tracker is designed to handle movements in both directions to keep the contact surface on the belt at all times. Vendig Prime Tracker works great for reversible operation and can be installed under or over the returning belt. The product has a long life span. The Prime Tracker replaces an idler roll. The distance between the Prime Tracker and return pulley is recommended to be roughly 3 x belt width adjust the distance between tracker and belt to achieve best force of contact.

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Weight 2,23188 kg
SKUBand WidthALL2øD
3105500Axeldiam. 38550900175
3106650Axeldiam. 387001050175

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