– For most common return idlers.

A simple and easily assembled safeguard that is adjustable to fit a big range of conveyors and return idler lengths. It can be used for return idlers with a maximum diameter of 133mm.

The purpose of the product is to to eliminate nip points on the incoming belt side, blocking access to the danger zone and nip point between the belt and an idler from all sides but it is also prevent the hazard of broken rollers falling down in case of failure due to wear or frozen bearings. It is designed to be compliant with the Machine directive 2006/42/EG , Safety equipment for belt conveyors EN 620 & EN 618 and ISO 13857.

As a safety component, Vendigs return idler safeguard is CE- marked. It is stable, made of galvanized steel. It comes along with the CE declaration foryou to easily update your conveyor documentation.

Its openings are maximized according to the enquirements of the norm in order for reurn material to fall through. When the safeguard needs to be opened, open the two screws to swing open the guard that will stay in place in the onesided hinges.

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